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DIET & EXERCISE: The Most Effective Diets

US News and World Reports has released a list of the most effective diets. They rated the diets based on ease of use, nutrition, safety, effective weight loss, and health benefits – particularly against heart disease and diabetes. 

  • Mayo Clinic Diet: With an emphasis on low-calorie eating focusing on fruits, veggies and lean protein, this diet claims a 6-10 pound weight loss in the first week and a 1-2 pound loss each week after – provided you follow the plan.
  • Mediterranean Diet: The focus is eating healthy – a lifestyle change – but the food can be expensive, and if you don't like to cook difficult to prepare. Think olive oil, fish and whole grains.
  • Weight Watchers: Membership can be expensive, but the meetings and well-balanced approach to the diet have proven very successful.
  • Flexitarian Diet: If you like eating meat, this diet is not for you. It's basically vegetarians who sometimes eat meat. If veggies are your thing, however, weight loss has been proven.
  • DASH Diet: doesn't focus on losing weight but rather lowering blood pressure. If you are happy with your weight and want to quit your blood pressure medication, this is the diet for you

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