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Celebs as Customers

Being a waiter or waitress is a tough job. You are on your feet all day, you earn tips, and you have to deal with annoying customers. Now, imagine if you work at a restaurant that's a hot spot for celebrities. It can go one of two ways: great tips and awesome experience or bad tips and rude behavior. According to a waitress who worked in a top New York restaurant, these were some of the best and worst celebrities to wait on. (Remember, these are her experiences)


  • Mark Wahlberg: Aside from being easy on the eyes, he's polite, laid back and his kids are very well behaved. Also, he is a great tipper!
  • Matt Damon: He is so nice you will forget he is even a celebrity. It probably helps that he met his wife while she was bartending, so he has respect for people in the service industry. 
  • Louis C.K.: The comedian is super friendly and a great tipper. 


  • Catherine Zeta-Jones: Scowly and rude ... she won't make eye contact with the wait staff and has so many special food requests it's difficult to take her order. Also, no matter how well you serve her she never tips more than 10% and sometimes as low as 8%!
  • Lea Michelle: The Glee star has made some bad impressions when dining out. She is rude to waiters and has even been said to make fun of them to their faces! She is super picky about her food and if it takes longer to be prepared than she would like she complains often and loudly. No matter what you do she won't tip more than 10%.

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